How To Pack Electronics.

    Back up all of your files.  Start by making sure you've saved all of your important photos and files on your computer, and back up your computer before you pack.   Get Pictures. Take a picture on your phone of how the...

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What To Do With Packing Materials After The Move

    Bubble wrap.   Water-proof helper. Bubble wrap is water-proof. This can be useful for applications like keeping plant roots and stems wet during and after the move.   Stress reliever. Popping...

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Furniture Packing Hacks.

  Wrap an entire chest of drawers in plastic wrap. Add a few loops of duct tape to secure the wrapping paper in place. This keeps everything in the draws steady.   Put two fitted sheets on each side of your mattress. This wa...

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Clothing Packing Hacks.

  Roll Clothes. Roll clothes, don’t fold them. This saves huge amounts of space. Additionally, rolling can help prevent wrinkles and creasing.     Cleaning Bags. If you pack clothes that easily wrink...

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Jewellery Packing Hacks.

    Cling Film. Put your necklaces in between two sheets of plastic wrap. This saves you time when you get to unpacking. Firstly, place a necklace on a piece of plastic wrap or cling film, then place another sheet of plast...

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New room empty and box (done in 3d)

Benifits Of Hiring A Removal Company.

  No Lifting and Carrying. By using a full service removals company, you won’t have to lift a finger. Although the benefits of this may already be clear, you will find this to be a godsend if you’re moving with young children for ex...

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grey tabby kitten next to spilled moving box full of pink styrofoam packing peanuts

How To Move House With Cats.

  Helping your cat settle in.   You will know when your cat feels confident and safe in a room as they will start rubbing their heads on all the walls and furniture in the room.   Keep your cat indoors for at least two ...

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Tree growth vector diagram. Green tree growth, nature leaf growth, plant growh illustration

How To Move Plants To Your New Home.

  Long-Distance Moves.   If you are doing a long-distance move then it is easier to transport them in your car, as they need a temperature controlled environment. Being in your car can give your plants fresh air, whereas in a mo...

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Trek Blog

What Time Of The Year Is The Best Time To Move.

  Buyers with children. If you have children and are thinking of moving, it is better for them to start a new school at the beginning of a new term. In the summer holiday would be the best time as you get up to 6 weeks to move, get sett...

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6 Items Most At Risk Of Damage.

  Plants Plants can be tricky to move, this is because of the soil can spill easily and some of the leaves can fall off with just one knock. Take care of plants while moving and make sure they are secure in the car/van and watered be...

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